6 Things You Need for the World’s Best Tourism Website

6 Things You Need for the World’s Best Tourism Website

Hiya! Kiko the Monkey here! Do you work in the tourism or travel industry on Earth? If so, boy do we have a post for you! In my space travels I’ve found Earth to be one of the most beautiful places to visit. I hope my advice will help you to help others while they’re travelling around their home planet too!

Having a website and social media can be a blast for anyone working in tourism. Why? Because there are so many possibilities you have to talk about local events, trends, news, your favourite restaurants, and so much more. That’s a lot for one person to digest if they’re planning on visiting a city for the first time. And that’s where your website comes in to the rescue!

Without further ado, here are some of the best things your website and social media need to have if you work in tourism and travel.

1: Yourself

Who are you? What kind of things do you offer to out-of-town visitors? What makes you so different from the other bed and breakfast down the road? What’s so great about the location you’re in? How easy is it to reach you? Do you have to travel a certain way?

I know, that was a lot of questions coming right at you—but they are so important! Answering these questions and more will help you figure out your best features, what makes your location stand out, and so on.

Think about the people you want to reach out to. Are they looking for a quiet place to relax? Or do they crave social interaction—and lots of it? Do they need Wi-Fi access all the time, or are they looking to get away from technology for a little bit? Again, sorry for all the questions, but these ones matter too! Knowing what your guests are looking for will help you understand what your website and social media needs. That way, you can attract the attention you want. You also need to be very clear if kids and pets (or maybe even both!) are welcome to your location or not. Lots of families like to go out on vacation, after all, and it’s just not fair to Fido to leave him behind!

2: Content, content, content!

Whether you have a blog or not (and if you don’t, then get on it!), content will be exactly what your visitors need. Everyone everywhere probably doesn’t know something about the location you’re promoting. This is the kind of content you really should feature on your website, and that everyone will appreciate seeing:

International information – if your location happens to be a fancy resort in the Caribbean for example, anyone who needs to fly over will be looking for info regarding what to bring and what to leave at home. Important document details would also be quite a biggie.

Events – who doesn’t love to go out and celebrate? I certainly can’t think of anyone! Events are a great way to let people know when there’s a party going on, or maybe if you want to try something new and exciting. Events can help visitors figure out things to do if they don’t know where to start!

Blog posts – lots and lots of people are looking to blog posts to understand more about the place they’re visiting. Think about the different foods, the culture, the history, etc. about your location and talk about it on your website’s blog. You can share your blog’s content on your social media too!

3: Pictures, pictures, pictures!

Who doesn’t want to see where they’re going to be staying at? If you have a knack for photography, take as many pictures as you like and put them up on your website, or get a friend or even a professional to help you out! If there are any events happening on or near your community, those would be a great photo op as well.

You know what else is great for images? Videos! Using a smartphone is just one way of capturing a video online. Try and think of other ways to showcase your location at its greatest!

4: Helpful information

During my travels I’ve found that having a NAP (that means name, address, and phone number to you newbie earthlings!) is pretty much the best thing anyone can have if they want to be contacted. A NAP needs to be visible wherever possible on your website as well as on your social media. You should also include the following, just in case:

A calendar of events – it’s good to keep this updated too!

Payment info – for booking hotels and motels online.

Transportation details – anytime someone is visiting out of town they need to find this information. Sometimes companies like BC Ferries will change their schedule out of the blue, so the more updated this info is the better. It’d be great if you could include this!

Accommodation details – just like with travel, this is great for including if your guests are coming from out of town to visit!

5: Communication

What’s the point of having a website if you’re not going to talk to your visitors? In order to get new and returning guests, you need to ensure communication with them is a solid guarantee. Set up a means for them to contact you directly on your website by letting them fill out a form. Having social media really helps here too because it allows other, faster ways of getting in touch with you!

6: A newsletter option

If things like weddings, giant birthday parties, local community events, and so on are something worth mentioning about your location, then tell your guests with a newsletter! Add a sign-up option on your website for one and if you want to talk about it on your social media, you can do that too.

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