Kiko is a very smart monkey from planet K37 that came to Earth to find inspiration. He fell in love with the creative power of the human beings and decided to stay and be part of all of this. After traveling around the world he settled down in beautiful Vancouver and started helping business succeed through branding and digital marketing. He founded KIAI Agency and eventually decided not to go back to his planet. He’s happy here. You know, there’s ice-cream and all.

Marketing Assistant

Do you like Digital Marketing and Design?
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Daniela Torres

I'm originally a journalist, with a Bachelor Degree in Communications and a Post Graduate degree in Marketing, Business Management and People Management. For the past 13 years, I’ve worked as a reporter, chief editor, photographer, designer, PR and brand strategist. In 2016, I published my first book, called “Build Your Brand: The 10 essential steps before launching your business”. I absolutely love my work and everything that comes with it. You can never get bored working with creative minds and I feel like what we do for our clients at KIAI is pretty special, and I’m grateful for that.

Daniela Torres

Creative Director
Doug Hay

I graduated as an accountant at UBC, where I later became a professor. But for me advanced accounting was as exciting as watching paint dry, so I moved into management and fairly quickly into sales and marketing/pr where I have been most of my 30+ year career. I’m a people’s person and I’ve been speaking for many conferences, workshops and seminars. I always tell them that anything that enhances communication is going to be popular and successful. What I bring to the table is my knowledge, experience and the passion for this business.

Doug Hay

Rod Pancine (Rodrigo)

After finishing college as foreign trade, I got my Master’s degree in Executive Management, and for the past 14 years, I’ve been studying marketing trends, scenarios and audience behaviors, guiding our clients to make the best decisions for their businesses. Becoming the CEO was a natural path to follow, as I really enjoy managing people and setting the strategies and the direction of our company. Our market is always changing and growing. We want to offer our clients what’s best out there and it’s my job to bring this to KIAI.

Rod Pancine