We deliver our clients brands they fall in love with along with killer strategies that will underpin a successful business. By working with you to lay the brand foundations that advance your business, your brand voice and identity will guide your company’s culture, visual style, and marketing strategies. All services in one place. All support in one team.

To be recognized as an effective and passionate branding agency that delivers outstanding results for our clients, contributing not only with their prosperity but also with our community’s and the largest number of people possible.

Create the perfect link between our clients and their target audience, deliver our very best and make a positive impact through our work. Help clients to focus on what they do best and bring them more business. All services in one place. All support in one team.


1. Launch your business with an all-in-one agency

KIAI is a full marketing agency who will elevate your business with ingenious brand strategy, increase your website traffic with SEO and digital marketing and convert website visitors with eye-catching design and persuasive copy.

2. KIAI creates customized marketing strategies

Your business will have a unique marketing strategy because we leverage every ounce of our creativity. Your marketing will be guided by research and the trends in your industry. KIAI doesn’t believe in one-size-fits-all marketing.

3. Work with a team who believes in you

Because we can make a positive impact through our work, we also choose our clients and deliver our very best because we want to see them succeed. We will be not only your loudest cheerleader but your most powerful advocate.

4. Hire more than a marketing agency

At KIAI our staff is more than just part of a team—we’re a family. We take our work very seriously and enjoy coming together to treat your business as our own. Whether it is a dream being built, a professional hobby, or an investment, we stand with our promise to build a brand for your ideas!





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Team Members

Passion for the business, creativity, ethics in all relationships, commitment and an incessant desire to learn and improve. This is us!

Angela Hovestad, Content Manager at KIAI Agency

Angela Hovestad

Content Manager

I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts at Vancouver Island University and joined KIAI Agency in early 2017 as the Content Manager after working in other agencies for the past 5 years. I’m responsible for managing our writers and editing their content. I also create blog posts and web page content for both KIAI and our clients, as well as help with the text-based part of SEO. Being the Content Manager extends to my personal life in that I’m a writer in my spare time. I absolutely love working behind the scenes and getting creative!

Daniela Torres

Creative Director

I’m a journalist with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and a Post Graduate degree in Marketing, and People Management. I founded KIAI Agency to help business owners take immense pride in their brand and achieve remarkable success. In my 20+ career, I’ve been a reporter, chief editor, photographer, designer, PR, and brand strategist. In 2016, I wrote the book ‘Build Your Brand: The 10 essential steps before launching your business’. I’m passionate about my work, and collaborating with creative minds is endlessly inspiring.

Doug Hay, Marketing Advisor for KIAI Agency

Doug Hay

Marketing Advisor

My early career was accounting but that was as exciting as watching paint dry, so I moved into management and fairly quickly into sales and marketing where I have been most of my 30+ year career. I’m a people person and I’ve presented at many conferences, workshops and seminars. What I bring to the table is my knowledge, experience and the passion to help clients be successful. I love helping small and mid sized businesses grow and become more profitable using the latest marketing tools in an successful and cost effective manner.

Jacky Cespedes

Web Developer

As a tech enthusiast, I’m dedicated to crafting exceptional digital experiences. I have over 5 years of experience in agencies as a web designer and web development, and I work with a diverse coding arsenal, including HTML, PHP, C#, SQL, and Java. My professional goal is to deliver impressive results and creating stunning websites for our clients and their users. When I’m not building websites and working at KIAI Agency, I play the piano, indulging my artistic side, and spending time with my beautiful family.

Jennifer Kolbuc

Social Media Strategist

I spent 10 years working for big corporate brands in house before deciding to work on the agency side. I’m a fast talker, who loves sharing my passion for social media and email marketing with business owners and entrepreneurs. I’ve managed millions of followers, written thousands of posts and set up hundreds of newsletter campaigns. When I’m not creating content for my clients, you’ll find me out hiking around Vancouver – 115 trails and counting so far.

Katherine Ostermann

Marketing Assistant

With 6 years of experience in foreign trade, I embarked on a career break in early 2020 to prioritize full-time parenting. It was during this period that I uncovered my true passion for marketing and social media through my ventures in copywriting and graphic design. Combining my creative skills with a strategic mindset, I bring fresh ideas to our marketing campaigns and their efforts. At KIAI, I’m committed to pushing boundaries to deliver impactful results to our clients.

Otavio Mendes, Graphic Designer at KIAI Agency

Otavio Mendes

Graphic Designer

I started my career in Graphic Design by creating simple logos for family and friends. Over time, while getting more experience, I began to refine my craft until I found my own style. I fell in love with branding and advertising manipulation and soon started to work for a marketing company. A few years later, I joined KIAI Agency and was introduced to some extraordinary projects! By focusing on minimalism and problem solving in a simple and practical way, I believe that, through design, I have found my way to make a better world.

Rodrigo Pancine, UX Expert at KIAI Agency

Rod Pancine

Lead UX/UI Designer

With a background in UX design, an MBA in executive management, and a bachelor’s in business and foreign trade, I bring a well-rounded skillset to the table as a Lead UX/UI Designer for KIAI. I’m all about creating user-friendly digital experiences that make a real impact. When I’m not designing, you’ll find me getting in touch with my creative side as a musician or just indulging in all things art. Whether it’s finding unique solutions for clients or crafting memorable user experiences, I’m always up for a challenge and love what I do.

Vitoria Guedes

Graphic Designer

While my childhood dream of becoming a soccer player didn’t quite pan out, my design journey began at age 12 or 13, as I experimented with Photoshop inspired by watching my brother develop his own skills. I hold a Bachelor’s in Social Communication and design is where I truly shine. I feel smart when I design. The potential it has to transform something makes me want to learn more and create more. When I’m not working I enjoy playing beach soccer, video games, and spending time with my family and friends.

Kiko the Monkey, official mascot and brand image of KIAI Agency



Kiko is a very smart monkey from planet K37 that came to Earth to find inspiration. He fell in love with the creative power of the human beings and decided to stay and be a part of it all. After traveling around the world he settled down in beautiful British Columbia and started helping businesses succeed through branding and digital marketing. He founded KIAI Agency and eventually decided not to go back to his planet. He’s happy here. You know, there’s ice cream and all.

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