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I give my highest recommendation. Their personal knowledge exceeds that of any other professional I’ve worked with in my 25-year career. Their ethical standards and integrity make for a great experience for anyone who engages in business with their company.

–Robert Nahas, President, Writer Services

Very responsive, knowledgeable about what is needed and wanted by the Internet public! I would highly recommend them for the next project!

–Roberta Perry, VP Business Development

I have worked with them both on my own website and for clients, and they absolutely stellar in the discipline of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). They make it very scientific easy to implement and I urge you to get in touch with them, and get acquainted with them. After 2 months of working with them I got a 4-month project from a new client in NYC, for $80k. Nothing to sneeze at!! Please take a look at my new website I worked on with them, which is bringing in some great leads that are turning into business -without competing with other agencies — the way we like it!

–Lorraine Abelow, Principal, Abelow PR

The team is well versed and are experts in the rapidly changing fields of internet marketing, social media marketing and search engine optimization.

–Ray McKay, Owner, Media City Marketing

Since first hearing about them at a high level social media conference in Manhattan, I have found nobody more focused on the marketing needs of small and medium-sized business. They know how to use the Internet to achieve marketing objectives for small and medium businesses. And with hundreds of webinars under their belt, they know how to explain these tactics in an informative no-nonsense manner.

–Robin Palin, CEO, RPPR, Pubic Relations Consultant

Real pros when it comes to marketing, particularly internet marketing – were responsible for getting my company well known via the internet. Our new website and the newsletter campaigns, both designed by this company, are extremely well received by our customer and prospect base. I am now considered an expert in my field and am asked to speak at many conferences due to this precise exposure. It is a lot easier closing sales as ‘the expert’ versus being a complete stranger. This company is cutting edge and uses 21st century marketing technology to get our message to which we want to reach. I highly recommend this company.

–Dennis Downing, Founder & CEO, Future Industrial Technologies

They are one of the top experts in Social Media and Web Design. We’ve hired them for a revamp of our website specifically to create a lead machine for us that will become the largest source of leads of all of our marketing venues. They are a wealth of knowledge, easy to contact, great to work with, and above all, are getting results. Highly recommended.

–Dr. Joel Parker

From the first conversation we had I could tell I would enjoy working with them. They are always willing to listen first then advise. I feel they care deeply for my success and are always willing to help, which at times has involved their company going far above and beyond our contractual obligations in order to ensure my success, without asking for anything in return. With their guidance and SEO support my website has gained tremendous traction in our ranking within my very competitive professional field. There is a tremendous amount of white noise out there in cyber-land in regards to SEO best practices. If you’re truly interested in understanding and feeling confident in the decisions one must make with one’s website I cannot recommend their services highly enough. You will see results and feel confident in the direction you’re heading in because you’ll understand and be given the knowledge to make proper decisions.

–Chris Dickie, Director, Business Development & Marketing, Universal Site Services, Inc

They have taught us in a straightforward, easy to understand manner the proper design and workings of a business website. We worked with them throughout the process of building our new website and have enjoyed their professionalism and intimate knowledge of web marketing.

–Dr. Richard Hunter, Vancouver Spine Care Centre

I had the good fortune of working with KIAI on a project in Phoenix. I was the management consultant and they were the marketing consultant. I found them to be professional, effective communicators and very competent marketers.

–Bill Johonnesson, Management Consultant

I have found them to know their subjects extremely well and show the necessary willingness to ensure that those dealing with them know exactly what they need to do to be able to promote and market their businesses using the tools in which they will train you. They have demonstrated to me their willingness to help in situations where obstacles had to be overcome. They are quick witted and come up with solutions rapidly that are of benefit to those around them, some of whom have not even been paid clients of their services. True professionals in their field.

–John Bell, Business Owner

They are the go-to guys I always contact when I have questions about online marketing or PR. They have an excellent grasp of the online universe and how it works. They know how to access the right people for a specific product or service, and translate that into sales or whatever it is you want that public to do. Equally important, they really care about their clients and bend over backwards to make sure they succeed.

–Gloria MacTaggart, President, Effective Writing Inc.

An expert in their field. Besides the highly informative and useful information I received from participating in their webinars, they are working with me on my web site. They have vision and knowledge that create great results. Thank you!

–Nena Price, Owner, J.M. Price Consulting

He is competent, reliable, experienced, and ethical. He is a good person to work with and he is always ready to help.

–Vernon Corban, Owner at Corban Studios

They are very attentive to all of our company’s needs and provides products in a very efficient manner. Highly recommended.

–Dr John Jacobi, Suburban Eye Care

They are very savvy marketing professionals. They’re great to work with and really know their stuff. I highly recommend their services.

–Michael J. Coleman

They sat down with me at the very beginning of this project and spent several hours with me, educating in me in various details about search engine optimization and how it all works. Then they let me begin doing the work, correcting me as I went, so that I understood the process of writing blogs using key words and tags. The work and direction has paid off and I know that the responses will continue to increase! I would recommend them to anyone who is serious or has a real passion about what you want to do and communicate about it. They definitely are the right people for that job!

–John Soeder, Author

Their knowledge of how to help your business grow using the Internet, i.e. marketing, branding, blogging, website optimization, etc. is excellent. Their ability to understand the special needs of different business environments is uncanny and they’ve been able to come up with the exact program, resulting in a greatly increased mark share. I highly recommend them to any business that wants to increase their market share.

–Gerhard B. Schwandt, Founder, Management Partners International, Inc.

They have been a godsend to my upstart website/blog and my knowledge of social media and search engine optimization. They have spent countless hours teaching me the basics and helping me apply them. Their devoted instruction has helped give me the confidence to launch my site now and to begin building a following in advance of the release of an upcoming book. I look forward to working with the team as I continue to grow my blog and my business.

–Karen Callahan, President, Highland Productions

They have been about as helpful as he could be in assisting me with advice on getting ASaP up and running. They are the first people I would recommend to ASaP Clients to help with Internet marketing plans and SEO campaigns. They give a very high level of exchange to their clients. I would recommend that people who are interested in these services read their blog. They have been giving webinars that are extremely helpful.

–Linda Langenbacher, Founder & CEO, ASaP Creative Serives

It was an absolute pleasure working with you on our online PR and social media campaign. When we first discussed how we wanted our campaign to work and what we wanted to achieve, you immediately picked up on it and created the kind of web site and strategy to do the job we needed. Additionally, the campaign required little input from us to keep it on track and to provide the information we required. In the future, when we need another PR campaign, I will once again be knocking on your door to service us.

–Bob Held, CEO, Wellness Support Network

KIAI has been a great partner we have been working with over the last 4 years. Theye have been honest in their dealings with me and their other clients. I would highly recommend them.

–Rafferty Pendery, Owner, Studio98

I’ve worked with them to help meet client SEO expectations for years and they’ve provided me with insight and a deep appreciation for customer requirements in the PR segment. They have helped us shape our MyST Blogsite offering over the years to provide exceptional value for customers. They also have excellent skills concerning content strategy advice and planning. They’re a pleasure to work with; always accommodating, and always willing to help. If you have any sort of public relations or content strategy needs, I highly recommend their team.

–JBill French, Co-founder, MyST Technology Partners, Inc.

Very bright and highly trained in marketing and public relations. Every business should have someone with their talents.

–Tony Durso, Author & Business Owner

Simply put, they get the job done! They are very client oriented and provide their clients with exactly what’s needed to ensure success.

–JKathy Oliver, President, Oliver-Stevens Productions (business partner)

I’ve known Doug for more than 12 years and was only recently lucky enough to work with him on a social media website project. His vast experience in marketing and PR, combined with his understanding of social media, makes him a reliable resource for companies that are reaching for new ways to communicate. His vision and insight are also great assets in brainstorming sessions. I look forward to working together with him again.

–Tim Cummings, Chief Consultant, T. L. Cummings, Inc.

Back when I was starting out with my own computer consulting business, they gave me some pointers for promotion… and to this day I still use their advice successfully. I highly recommend them — they’re real friendly, real knowledgeable sort of people! You won’t regret knowing them!

–Val Gameiro, President, Rival Enterprises, Inc

I worked together with them on a PR and marketing project with a mutual client. I found that they were extremely sharp and did a great job for the client. They have an outstanding background in marketing and are someone I would recommend without reservation.

–David Sanders, CEO, Creative Business Strategies, Inc.

Doug is an excellent writer. He has been a writer for me on several occasions. If you need someone to write your articles, press releases and or newsletters, he is able to do this. He is also part of a business that provides a service of Internet marketing and optimizing.

–Mya Borgman, Owner, The People Link, Corp

They really know the biz! They know all the right questions to ask and provide a great service to ensure campaigns succeed. I’m happy to recommend them.

–Jeffery Goddard, CEO, TVA Productions

They are consummate professionals across several fields. They bring wide-ranging business wisdom and acumen to each project.

–Dr. David Hulme, Publisher, Vision.org

There are a lot of mysteries surrounding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and these days it’s hard to be competitive without a web presence that can be easily found. They have been able to unlock the mysteries that develop some straightforward techniques that help companies. The team gets great results and is my first choice for any clients I have that are interested improving their web presence with SEO, Social Media and great looking Websites that get results.

–Greg Best, Owner, Epic Data Systems

They really know their subjects and present basic principles of the new world of marketing in a very understandable way. There is a lot going on out there with social media, and having someone be able to sort out what is really important from what is not is very valuable. We only have a certain amount of time to devote to developing these marketing tools, so any help in making the right choices is vital.

–Jim Darcey, Manager, Copy Mat Westwood

I’ve had the pleasure of working with this team in the past 2 years – they always goes above and beyond the call of duty in order to help their clients reach success. I was often inspired by their style of thinking outside of the box and creative solutions.

–Dory Lanenter, Client Relations Manager

Have been a contributive factor and a valuable team at ProLeaders. They have a definite ability to provide valuable information and tools that increase the traffic to websites and thus improving sales. They are fun to work with and have the ability to explain the different aspects of marketing in a way so that you’re actually able to apply it immediately. We can strongly recommend them to help you expand through marketing and thus increase business and bring about success.

–ProLeaders Association

I had the opportunity to work with them for a while and am still to this day, amazed at their depth of knowledge in the internet PR and marketing arena. I have attended many of their webinars just to soak up as much of his wisdom in the area as possible. Their knowledge and integrity as individuals and professionals are something to behold. I would have no hesitation whatsoever working with them again or referring others to them.

–Trissie Badger, Independent Public Relations and Communications Professional

Strategic thinkers who have a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer companies and executives. Doug is a great team leader, a team player and also an excellent teacher. The company’s training abilities in the area of new media marketing are superb.

–Kristin Gabriel, Business Owner

Always professional, knowledgeable and competent. I wish I knew 10 like them. I’m looking forward to our next project and a chance to work together again.

–Ric Alien, Principal, Whole Track Entertainment

True professionals in their field. They are skilled masters at the use of PR to create maximum interest in a product or service. Meeting up with them in a professional capacity is a scenario for success!! Thank you for your tremendous ability, care and loyalty!

–Claudia Cambigue, Insurance Manager

Consummate professionals. I’ve worked with them on several projects now and each one a success. When they are on the team I know things are being managed properly and the result we’re all anticipating will occur. There’s no empty promises with them.

–Tim Cummings, Consultant

I have valued his knowledge and experience and put his suggestions to work for great success. I still look forward to his newsletters and the information they provide. If you want to learn more about Internet Marketing/PR. Your best advised to make him your first contact.

–JKenneth Barrow, Sales and Marketing Executive, Barrow Ltd.

Masters of good marketing and public relations, and it is a pleasure for me to recommend their products and service. As Doug so succinctly says, ‘If it doesn’t make the cash register ring, it’s not good marketing.’ He prepared a program for my business and it did make my cash register ring!

–Rosemary Delderfield, Business Owner