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What You Need to Know About Instagram TV

Did you know there is a brand new feature that was launched last month on Instagram? It’s true! You may have noticed while logging in to your account a new TV-shaped button. This button is, in fact, the new application called IGTV which is short for Instagram TV.

What is it?

Instagram TV is the latest video feature to come out on the platform. The accounts you follow on Instagram can now feature full-screen, hour-long videos. Before IGTV was introduced, Instagram’s videos could only be recorded for only 1 minute. This new feature is great news if you prefer to watch and record longer videos!

Why Should My Business Use IGTV?

Many Instagram users to date are turning to influencers—i.e. social media users who have built credibility on their platform—in order to receive the latest news, entertainment, and even consumer advice that they trust. IGTV is especially worth using in a social media marketing strategy if you want to attract new followers to your business who are (at the very least) between ages 13 to 35.

There are still many business owners out there who are not using video to their advantage. Having IGTV for your business will help you stand out compared to your competitors. With that in mind, you should definitely consider using IGTV for a video marketing campaign. If you are hesitant or not sure about using this strategy, we have 7 great reasons to start using video marketing today!

To get hold of IGTV, you can download it separately as its own program or you can simply press the button next to the airplane symbol when you’re logged in to your Instagram account and start recording.

Pros of Using IGTV for Your Business

  • It’s built for how you actually use your phone so videos are full-screen and vertical. This makes it easy to record new videos in real time!
  • You can see more of your favourite content from creators you already follow.
  • You can discover new creators using the feature and follow them right from IGTV.
  • Mobile phone usage is growing and more and more customers are using their phones to connect with businesses. IGTV was developed with this increased usage in mind.

Does this Mean I Should Stop Using YouTube?

If you use YouTube to create videos for your followers please don’t stop using it! Like we said IGTV videos only last for one hour. For creators who love to live stream to their audience, they may need more than an hour to record and distribute their content. If that’s the case for your business, by all means, keep on using YouTube.

We also recommend you think of IGTV and YouTube as complementary features for your marketing strategy instead of competing platforms. Both IGTV and YouTube require you to optimize the videos you create and distribute and you need to consider how you distribute content across several channels. You can also help new followers discover how great your business is. Having IGTV will prove to them that you are up to date on the latest social media trends.

If video is a huge part of your current social media marketing campaign, having both channels can help you reach out to multiple audiences and increase your sales potential. If you are a business owner who already uses Instagram and you want to start recording longer videos, getting IGTV is a must!

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