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“How Can A Digital Marketing Agency Help My Business?”

If you read the headline to this article and are still hesitant to continue reading, let us ask you this question: how is your business doing? Are your sales down compared to last month’s results…or from last year, even? Have you been pulling your hair out trying to juggle a lot of tasks daily and simultaneously? If you answered yes to both of these questions, you may want to consider hiring extra help.

A digital marketing agency can do more than at face value. Let us help you understand why hiring a local agency is your best shot at growing your business and ensuring it lasts.

Building Your Online Presence

Traditional marketing was the go-to method of promoting your business before the Internet became such a big part of our lives. Back then, your only choice of learning about new businesses were from advertising in the form of billboards, flyers, pamphlets, and so on. These strategies are still in use and for some companies they’re still incredibly effective.

However, the game has changed for any small to medium sized business since major significant factors have been introduced. Google, social media, email…all of this and more are crucial components to marketing a business, and the rules keep changing every year thanks to Google’s constant algorithm updates. Nowadays, if people want to find information or look something up, they don’t turn to encyclopedias or look at advertisements anymore. They look it up on Google. They have the choice to either be bombarded by a billboard or to seek out the exact thing they’re looking for…a choice that didn’t used to exist, but now does, and between the two options, the latter is usually the most preferable.

If your business isn’t registered on Google, even now…nor do you have a website for your business…then don’t expect to find any success for your business now or in the future. Also expect your chances of being found online to be zero to none. This is why hiring a digital marketing agency can help, because not only can they help with building a website but also they’ll handle the marketing part, leaving you, the business owner, with enough time and money spent on handling your daily tasks.

An Agency Boosts Sales

Naturally one good reason to get help from an agency is to help out with your sales! There are a few ways to do this. One way is to improve your business’s brand. Our process comes with a fully detailed branding report, which has been fine-tuned and uniquely made to help come up with a straightforward message about who your business is and what makes you stand out. If you don’t know the answer to that yourself, then you need help.

Another way to boost sales is by hiring an agency for content marketing. This service extends to several other branches including email marketing, social media marketing, and even SEO and SEM.

As for web development and design, a full-service digital marketing agency can help with that too. A website full of images is not the same as reading or understanding written content. This is why hiring an agency can help because they know how to write content as well as understand where it should be placed on a website. An agency works together with its many departments to create a whole project, whether it’s a new website or a social media campaign, that you can be proud of.

Expand your audience

Talking about things like social media, if you want your business to grow, you need to expand it past your website. While owning a website helps, it is only one step towards growth. It’s how you share and exchange your ideas and brand on your website that can make the difference between success and failure. This is where strategies such as content marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing can all contribute to growing a business’s audience.

“If you build it, they will come” is not the answer because it means putting in no further effort to grow your business. Growing your audience via digital marketing is hard work, and it’s a team effort. But the results of that hard work—a bigger audience of new and returning customers—are worth it.

Less Hassle on Your Part

Some business owners have enough experience in marketing in the past that they feel comfortable enough to handle their marketing in-house. If you’re one of those owners, hats off to you! It’s a big job, and we know you know this.

However, not many people may realize that it takes more than simply hitting ‘publish’ on a blog post or sending out flyers to get new and returning customers. If you struggle with understanding how SEO or SEM works, or why you should bother blogging in the first place, or what the point even is of posting to social media, then you need help. All of these things can be done by an agency and more, leaving you with as much time as you need to run your business, help your customers, and make sure everyone including yourself on board is happy and healthy.

Hire an Agency that Cares

Naturally this sounds great and all, but you may be feeling stung after hiring an agency last time only to find out the results aren’t as good as you’d hoped. This is why you don’t need to hire just any agency—you need to hire one that cares about you and your business. KIAI is a good one.

Why us, you ask? Because we love building websites, fine-tuning brands, responding to negative comments left behind online, writing and creating content, optimizing websites, and getting in touch with customers through email and social media.

Because we take the time before you sign your contract with us to align our goals with yours so that we’re all on the same page, and that your business will see true long-term success.

Because our team gets their jobs done, and done well, all while keeping your future success in mind.

Because we go above and beyond our listed services for some of our clients…they need the help that badly.

Because we care about you and your business.

Because we care. Period.

So, how can we help you?

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