Free webinars to help grow your business and increased your sales

Check out these webinars for small and medium sized business: Internet marketing, branding, social media, blogging, SEO and online reputation management.

The 7 Deadly Sins of Small Business Marketing

30 years of experience to bring you an overview (and solutions) for your Digital Marketing.

• The major marketing errors made by small business
• Practical solutions to implement
• How to figure out what is important and what is not
• Action steps to develop a marketing plan

Find Out What Branding Really Is!

In Webinar, you’ll learn how to get new business and keep the customers that you have.

Branding is an effective way to:

• Get more sales
• Generates customer loyalty
• Builds customer recognition
• Build your market over your competitors.
• Reduces barriers to making new leads and resulting profits
• Makes it much easier to launch new products or services

Blogging 101 For Small Medium Business Success

Learn from a seasoned pro on what it is and what to do.

• Basics of blogging for small business
• How to create blog posts
• Using blog content in social media
• How blogging helps SEO (search engine optimization)

10 Must Do Internet Marketing Actions

One of the major reasons for poor results or even business failure is the lack of effective internet marketing. What You Will Learn:

– Proven internet marketing tools
– How your employees can play a key role in your digital marketing success
– What are the key parts that can be implemented without breaking the bank
– What is effective internet marketing and its importance for a small business or professional practice

Effectively Managing Your Online Reputation

Learn proven techniques to protect your online reputation and avoid losing clients.

• How your online reputation can be easily trashed and what to do about it
• Doable steps to get both good search results and an improved online reputation
• How content plays a key role in an effective program
• How to deal with sticky situations on Yelp and similar sites