Reputation Management

The essence of online reputation management is ongoing research accompanied by a strategy and tactics to deal with the individual situations found. With the widespread use of social media, review websites, and other discussion groups, it is very easy for Internet users to post their opinions and rants. This content can be positive but it can also be negative with wide-ranging consequences. Even large companies with first-rate reputations can be impacted from negative user-generated content or even a planned attack against a business.


If your business is experiencing negative content appearing on Google or other major search engines, it is vital to deal with this issue as quickly as possible. There are also techniques to buffer your online business reputation in the event of negative content showing up.


Determine where the source of the negative information is coming from. Sources can include hostile websites, news sites, social media networks, blogs, forums, or review sites.


Analyze first pages of the three major search engines and social media. Determine the source for both positive and negative listings. Create the strategy and plan of action.


This relies primarily on generating new content of the good news and supporting allies who could forward positive messages. Constant publication of fresh, high-quality content is vital.


Maintain the content plan over the long term. Manage and adjust the campaign as needed. Following a schedule will help minimize the risk of future reputation issues.


There are several tools that can be utilized to create interest in the business, enhance the online reputation, and create goodwill. Blogging and blogger relations can engage influential bloggers and spread your positive content. Establishing a regular publication schedule for well-researched, optimized, and distributed press releases builds business credibility. Syndicate content such as video via RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds in a media newsroom.


Be sure to utilize an online monitoring service to track online attitudes and the improvements over time.



  • Address any issues that are factual and need to be handled.
  • Bump the negative information off the first page of the major search engines.
  • Lessen the impact of these negative posts through a consistent campaign of online content generation such as press releases and other targeted communications, which will provide the credibility for the business and strengthen the positive perception of the business and its principals.
  • Work with sites that have positive content.
  • Get the business and principals recognized as “white hats”.
  • Build a wall of positive content and linking to frustrate any future attacks against the business.


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