Cost-effective + rewarding

What you will get in return is not simply “more sales”, but so much more.

Social media is the best way to create brand awareness, to engage with your customers and get real feedback, and to share your own content fast and efficiently – all while not having to rely on the traditional media.

Also, yes, you can use social media to generate hot leads, because with social media you’re able to target a very specific audience, run ads for a price 10 times smaller than traditional advertising, and get not only real-time response but also statistics.

Our Services

Social Media Management

Social Media Marketing includes: strategy, design, curation, campaign management for multiple channels, and monthly reports.

Don’t worry, we’ll take care of everything for you.

Social Media Training

It was created specially to help businesses that want to take care of their own channels.

With a little push from us, you can have the plan and the knowledge to do it yourself.



Social Media
$1,600per month
  • We coach your team Weekly
  • Up to 1 hour week of consulting
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Up to 8 designs/month
  • Monthly Report


Social Media
$3,200per month
  • We manage your Social Media
  • 1h Monthly Meeting with Client
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Customer Support
  • Ads Management
  • 30 posts per month
  • Content and Design
  • Monthly Report


Social Media
$900per month
  • We coach your team
  • 1h Monthly Meeting with staff
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Up to 3 designs/month
  • Monthly Report

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I have worked with them both on my own website and for clients, and they absolutely stellar in the discipline of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). They make it very scientific easy to implement and I urge you to get in touch with them, and get acquainted with them. After 2 months of working with them I got a 4-month project from a new client in NYC, for $80k. Nothing to sneeze at!! Please take a look at my new website I worked on with them, which is bringing in some great leads that are turning into business -without competing with other agencies — the way we like it!

–Lorraine Abelow, Principal, Abelow PR

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