7 Best Movies for Entrepreneurs on Netflix Canada

Building up a company or enterprise as an entrepreneur is more than a job, it’s a lifestyle. If you’re to have the will and the determination to build your brand identity over many years, including through tough times, then it’s good to have a little inspiration sometimes.

Whether your inspiration comes in the form of classical music or art, or if Bruce Lee or Arnie are more up your street, isn’t important. Below we’ve listed seven incredible movies and documentaries that we think cover a little bit of everything for any budding entrepreneur. Please note that some of these movies may not be on Netflix Canada right now, or it may have been removed. But the beautiful thing about Netflix is that some movies make a comeback—you just have to be patient.

Ted Talks: Life Hacks

Ted Talks is generally a great resource for enlightening, insightful, inspirational videos. The collection, Life Hacks, offers 10 inspiring talks delivered by a mixed range of speakers covering body language, success, determination, focus, drive, and a well of mental tools for organizing your thoughts, decision making, and so much more.


An exploration into the life of the world’s most famous living scientist, Hawking demonstrates beautifully the mindset that is required to achieve mind blowing aims, despite the most difficult obstacles.

Life in a Day

The movie Life in a Day gives us a glimpse into the lives of one day, recorded by amateur film-makers all over the planet. This film is a must see for the vivid way it demonstrates humanity and our potential.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

The world’s most renowned sushi chef Jiro shows how lifelong commitment to our work can allow us to transcend our limitations and go beyond what anyone could ever have expected. Jiro is an inspiration to all entrepreneurs for his tireless resolve and also for the humility he maintains despite his celebrity status.


A series of documentaries that try to take an economic perspective on human behaviour, i.e. why we do the things we do. The film is interesting for building a habit of thinking a little differently and learning to question your own motivations.

The Pursuit of Happiness

If you haven’t seen this must see then all you need to know is that it offers all the hope you could ever need!

The Social Network

If you want to know how to earn money working alone or from home, then surely there’s nobody who did it better than Mark Zuckerberg.