Routine, Focus, and High Performance for Entrepreneurs

In this post, we’ll be taking a look at routine, focus, and high performance to consider why these things are so important to entrepreneurs. Though you might think it’s obvious, and immediately clear why these things would be important, the point is how being active to improve these elements can improve your work and ultimately your business.

We’ll also present a video to illustrate the importance of each.


A routine is all about finding the habit of doing particular things that need to be done, often with specific deadlines in mind, though often not. Routine creates something around which you can centre your day; a way of balancing your daily duties.

Naturally, your routine will need to evolve to work with your particular business and its needs. As a way of setting a foundation, however, I recommend starting your day by arranging a list of objectives on a to-do list and checking e-mails for anything urgent over a cup of coffee.


Focus is the key to being efficient and getting work done. The difference between a day of procrastination and a day of focus is the difference between a worthwhile and a wasted day of work.

There is no shortcut to becoming perfect at focusing, but be aware that focus should be a keyword for any entrepreneur, and reading books and articles and practising different techniques should be part of your life. One recommendation that will apply to any entrepreneur is to try to meditate just once or twice per week, and of course, a healthy diet and exercise contribute to focus regardless of what work you carry out.

High Performance

In a sense related to focus, high performance is a demand that all entrepreneurs will have to learn to deal with. Whether it means working long shifts, or through the night, as an entrepreneur you determine your own success, and this means being able to pull out all the stops when you’re called to. Though it’s true that work as an entrepreneur might be demanding, the ability to work under high pressure is rewarding and character-building.

High performance work is determined by a number of factors: the ability to work under pressure, determination, optimism, self-belief, patience, and more. None of these things come immediately, though, and it is worth being patient with yourself as you make progress on your way.

I hope you like these tips. Let us know of any other techniques you use to be a great entrepreneur!