How to Grow as a Solopreneur Using Branding

If you’re not quite sure what a solopreneur is yet, don’t fret, you’re not alone! An entrepreneur will have an idea for a business, find the resources to set up the company, with employees to run it, and move on to their next venture. A solopreneur, however, is someone who looks to create a business around their own set of skills, and who perhaps will never look to take other staff on board.

Likewise, though the term branding is common enough, many are unsure of what it is precisely that a branding agency can do for their client, whether it’s a new or established business.


Branding includes far more than the graphic design elements of creating a logo and designing a website, though it does naturally include these things when necessary. Branding covers a diverse field of action that can be carried out, cost-effectively, to benefit, promote, and grow a business, though which can all too easily be missed.

Researching and targeting demographics, creating a visual identity, company values, and much more are encompassed by branding, but really branding is all about personality, about the way people feel about and perceive you as a company.

Though other types of marketing and graphic agencies have long been widely used, branding agencies are relatively newer, and we at KIAI set up in Canada for the fantastic climate of start-up companies. We work to establish fantastic brand identity, as well as working with companies in Burnaby and Coquitlam, and we love working with solopreneurs!


So, what can branding offer your solo venture in terms of added value and return on your investment? Well, the thing to remember with starting from scratch, and especially from working alone, is that the start is the most difficult part. Establishing yourself and getting your first few satisfied customers can be a huge feat. Having zero reviews or testimonials is the same as lack of experience in the eyes of your audience. And this is where branding comes in!

By adding the extra dimension of a strong brand identity you can begin with a strong first impression of professionalism with all clients you meet, whether in person, over the telephone, and particularly online. Further, your brand identity demonstrates that you are careful and considerate about the way you as a business take yourself seriously.