Social media

Content that Everyone LOVES to See on Social Media

We LOVE social media! We can’t think of a better way to reach out to others, whether you’re a mom, a small business owner, or an entrepreneur.

Have you ever wondered why so many businesses are on social media in the first place? It’s because they understand just how many people use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. on a daily basis and use them to either get informed or to get in touch with those they care about. According to one study, 74% of people will use social media as decision-makers before they buy something or Like/Follow a business online. That is a LOT of people you can reach out to.

If you’re not sure about how best to reach out to your audience on social media, then this list is for you. Here is some of the absolute best content worth sharing and posting about on your business’s social media page, no matter what the platform of choice.


Who doesn’t love a good photograph? Photos are one of the most visually engaging means of reaching out to your audience. Some of the best kinds of photos we see are positive, cute, and successful stories from both happy customers or clients and staff who are passionate about what they do for their work. From artwork to cute dog pictures, there’s all kinds of great photos your business can share on social media!

Blog Posts

Whether this is a post you’ve written yourself and want to share your unique perspective on a subject or topic, or it’s someone else’s blog post that is significant to your business’s industry or group, blog posts are increasingly becoming an excellent means of sharing and offering meaningful content to the rest of the world. If you’re considered to be an expert in your industry, this is especially handy content to share on your social media.

Updates Related to or About Your Business

Are there changes to your business’s hours of operation? Is your physical business building being renovated? Are you moving locations? Let your customers and audience know about it on social media! They’ll thank you for keeping them informed. Don’t forget to update your social media profiles when you’re done moving, if you are! Doing so will help to keep everyone in the know and minimize confusion.


If you’re participating in a local event or helping sponsor one, this is the kind of content you need to share. The events may vary from conferences to conventions, or maybe you’re sponsoring a local event in your own neighbourhood. It will also show your audience that you care about your local community and what’s happening within it—and that’s something we can all appreciate.


This is a great way to get others involved! If you have any special giveaways and prizes that you know your customers and clients will appreciate, this would be one way to get people talking about your business. Surveys are also good giveaway ideas especially if receiving feedback will help give your brand a good boost.

Annual holidays would be one of the best times to host a contest—perhaps one holiday in particular generates the most sales and leads for your business. Take this in to consideration next time you’re looking to promote your services!

Bundles and Discounts

Similarly to contests, if you have any bundles of the same type of product that seem to naturally go together, by all means share that information with your audience! Whether it’s video games, Tupperware, clothes, nail products, pet treats, etc. there’s no one we know who doesn’t love receiving a discount or waiting for a big sale before they confirm their purchase.

News Articles

Is there a serious event that just occurred in your neighbourhood—and it relates to the type of product or service you promote? Usually this sort of content helps others keep informed, especially if it’s an urgent matter. This is handy content if you are more of a B2B business where journalists continually report on the latest concerns and issues.


Comics, videos, memes—who doesn’t love to laugh? So long as the humourous content relates to your brand or reflects positively on your company, humourous content shows your more light side and easily breaks the ice between you and your audience, getting more engaged and interested in what you have to offer.


Videos are steadily growing as one of the best means of engaging with your audience. Look no further than to YouTube for some amazing ideas on content. Some of the best people we’ve seen who use YouTube as their main platform—even their job—are passionate and engage regularly with their audience, building a community as they go along. Us personally, we love seeing how-to videos, humourous ones (see our last point about humour being valuable content), inspirational GIFs—the list can go on and on. See if you can make your own video about you and your business and share it on all of your social media platforms!

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