Green is awesome! Here’s why.

I get asked a lot why is my logo green, and why is it a monkey? (the 🐒 deserves its own post).

Green is my favourite colour. I grew up having the opportunity to be in contact with nature, so I’ve always loved trees, forests, and rivers. When I was creating KIAI and thinking about what colour my logo would be, I immediately had no doubt in my mind that not only my logo but also my whole visual identity would be green. Green makes me so happy that I thought that for sure other people would feel happy too.


No other colour has so many meanings!

Pink, which I love, carries a lot of meaning behind it. But green is the colour of nature, of life. If it’s green, it’s alive, it’s growing. And so much more.

Green is so cool that it’s more than just a colour. It’s a “thing”, where you can literally say “This year, I want to be more green.”

Being green can also mean that someone or something is not ready, or is inexperienced, immature. “That person is too green to be able to perform their job”.


It’s positive

The connection between green and health is huge, with numerous studies showing that green is so beneficial to the brain that it helps with healing, by helping us feeling more calm, more peaceful, maybe hopeful… lots of good thoughts.

It is also the colour of good luck, as well as money, and the colour of all messages regarding ecology and Mother Nature.


It’s the colour of nature

That’s right.

Green is nature’s official ambassador, even more than blue – and we all love gorgeous blue, especially because green is in fact the mix of yellow and blue, which are pretty amazing colours.


It’s the colour of movement

Green in traffic means go, and you can also get the “green light” to do something.

There are also other cultural meanings behind it. It’s the colour of Brazil, my home country.

I’m pretty sure there are other meanings to green. Even though all colours are beautiful, green is awesome and perceived in a positive way by almost everyone.


How about to you?

I honestly want to know what green means to you. When you think of green, how do you feel?

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