Routine, Focus, and High Performance for Business Owners Matter More Than Ever. Here’s Why.

Routine, Focus, and High Performance for Entrepreneurs | KIAI Agency

In this current/post-pandemic world we live in, routine, focus, and high performance matter more than ever in a small business.

While you may think it’s very obvious and immediately clear why these things are so significant, with everything that’s happened in the past few years, routine and focus for example have been so easy to forget about, haven’t they?

Maybe you’re reading this and you realize that you haven’t been able to keep up because there’s so much going on, or maybe you think “I just don’t have time anymore.”

I’m not presenting this information to you to make you feel guilty or ashamed about how different things have become for you. Rather, my point for this article is to show how being active in improving these elements, even post-pandemic, can and will improve your work and ultimately your business.

There’s also a video and a book to illustrate each point. I hope you’re ready to be inspired!

Why Routine?

A routine is all about finding a habit, or a combination of habits, of doing particular things that need to be done, often with specific deadlines in mind (though often not).

Routine creates a means to bring a centre to your day; it’s a way of balancing out your current daily duties. Even with everything around us having been changed to the point where uncertainty prevails, a routine can give you that sense of balance, accountability, and certainty you’ve been craving since 2020 happened.

Naturally, your routine will need to evolve to work with your particular business and its needs…not to mention, TOO much of a routine can impact things negatively so keep things balanced!

From my experience and the way it works for me, it’s best to vary your routine while having a foundation.

To set up a few basics, I recommend starting your day by meeting your body’s needs first and foremost, then arranging a list of objectives on a to-do list and checking emails for anything urgent over a cup of coffee or tea.

I’m sure you have heard many experts talking about the benefits of waking up early, to meditate or have your morning routine. I will tell you that you should really probably be doing that.

If you have a hard time waking up in the morning, or have kids like myself, you might consider just locking yourself in the bathroom for 5 minutes of morning silence. Just kidding (or not…). Just do what works for you; write down what that morning routine looks like.

This book will teach you how to create better habits, and ultimately will give you the tools to develop the right routine for you. It’s called The Power of Habit, Why We Do What We Do in Life & Business. It has a scientific approach that explains why habits exist and how we can change them.

I also recommend this video:

Why Focus?

Focus is the key to being efficient and getting work done. The difference between a day of procrastination and a day of focus is the difference between a worthwhile and a wasted day of work, no matter what else you’ve got going on in your life.

There is no shortcut to becoming perfect at focusing, and everyone’s learning style is unique. However, focus should be a key word for any small business owner. Reading books and articles and practicing different techniques to improve focus should be a daily part of your life.

I guess what I mean is that if you feel like your days are not being productive, you should focus on learning how to focus as soon as possible.

Some popular recommendations are making sure you get enough sleep; turn off some of your phone’s sound notifications; put a lock on social media so you don’t just randomly open those apps; or maybe even put your phone away entirely, if you can.

There’s also the Pomodoro technique, meditation, and you might consider not drinking too much coffee. Oh, and a healthy diet and exercise contribute positively to focus regardless of what you do.

This is an awesome book to give you a lot of tools and guidance about focusing. It’s called The Focus Project: The Not So Simple Art of Doing Less.

I also recommend this video. Brilliant words in under 6 minutes:

Why High Performance?

There is no running from it. High performance is a demand that all business owners will have to learn to deal with.

Most entrepreneurs wear multiple hats. So whether it means working long shifts or through the night, as an owner you determine your own success by how high or low your performance is. This means being able to pull out all the stops when you’re called to.

High performance is determined by a number of factors: the ability to work under pressure, determination, optimism, self-belief, patience, and more. None of these things come immediately, so be patient with yourself as you progress.

The good news is that creating a routine and learning how to focus will for sure create a positive impact in the way that you perform. As you improve your performance and the ability to complete tasks efficiently, the results will make you feel like a superhero.

There are many books that talk about high performance but I want to recommend this one. The author is an expert and has years of research and surveys and shares THE six habits you need to develop to achieve high performance. It’s called: High Performance Habits: How Extraordinary People Become That Way.

I also recommend this video:

I hope you like these tips and that they serve you well. Be patient and consistent. You got this!

If you want to apply more routine, focus, and high performance to your business’s website or perhaps marketing, we can help with that! Reach out to get started.

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