KIAI Agency participated in a contest to create a new logo for the Brazilian Community Association in BC (BCA-BC), and we were honoured to have won. We put our hearts and minds into the creation of the logo, with the goal of representing the essence of the Brazilian community in BC.

The logo we designed is a modern and inclusive representation of the BCA-BC, with the colours of the Brazilian flag integrated into the design. The logo is divided into three parts, with the bottom green part representing the land, as well as a hand supporting Brazilian immigrants. The middle part is in the shape of a mountain, with its blue colour representing the abundance of water in BC with its beautiful lakes, rivers, and beaches. The sun is on the top, bringing warmth, joy, and the feeling of hope and bright days ahead.

As immigrants ourselves, we understand the importance of feeling connected to your roots while embracing your new home. With this logo, we aimed to capture the adventures of living in the beautiful British Columbia while always bringing a piece of home with you.

We are proud of this work and we feel that we have accomplished our goal of creating a logo that truly represents the Brazilian community in BC. We hope that this logo will serve as a symbol of unity and support for the Brazilian community in British Columbia for years to come.

Brazilian Community Association of British Columbia