Best Life Holistic Services is a Vancouver-based wellness clinic. We are so proud of being part of Georgette Metcalfe’s journey to create this new brand.

The main activities they provide are PEMF therapy (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy) and Live/Dry Blood Analysis. Their approach is to take care of their clients’ health as a whole and help them live their best life.

The logo colours are very earthy but have a touch of blue to add the malleability of water and all parts of the Earth together. The icon is rounded to represent our planet. The hands represent support, but also resemble the tails of aquatic creatures. The waves over the hands represent the electromagnetic pulses from Earth, which are a big part of what they do with PEMF treatments. The leaves cover the circle and represent the air element and movement, i.e. the action of being on the path of our clients living their best life, all while being in perfect harmony with the rest of the logo and fully representing the holistic approach they provide.

Best Life Holistic Services