Founded in 2005, Hastings Veterinary Hospital in Burnaby, BC offers full-service care for cats, dogs, and rabbits. Their focus is on preventive medicine and client education. They prioritize understanding each pet’s unique needs and providing tailored care. Committed to transparency and compassion, they work closely with pet owners to find the best care options within their budget. At Hastings Veterinary Hospital, pets are treated like family, and clients are empowered with knowledge for their optimal health

Case Study

Back in 2013, facing a significant lack of digital presence, Hastings’ primary challenge was multifaceted: they had an outdated website, no SEO strategy in place, and virtually no online visibility. This absence from the digital landscape severely impacted their ability to generate online leads, leaving them with a limited reach and missed opportunities for growth.

The Approach

To address their digital challenges and enhance their online presence, we took decisive action. We built a brand-new and fully customized website, and implemented a robust SEO strategy.

Additionally, we launched a blog and newsletter, driving consistent traffic and fostering trust within their community. Our strategic approach not only strengthened their brand presence online but also delivered tangible results, driving growth and enhancing their overall digital performance.

Website: We developed a new website tailored to the client’s specific needs.

SEO Strategy: Our team optimized the client’s website for search engines to improve their online ranking and visibility.


From only 14 page views per month in 2013, to over 18,000 page views per month in 2023, all organically, marking a substantial growth in online visibility and engagement.