For the Healing Soul project, the primary objective was to position Erin Johnstone as a leading authority in her field, not only within her local community but also on a global scale. This ambitious goal was pursued through the implementation of a comprehensive branding strategy designed to showcase Erin’s expertise and establish her credibility.

Key components of this strategy included the development of a robust and cohesive brand identity, which encompassed the creation of a professional website and targeted email marketing campaigns. Additionally, significant emphasis was placed on optimizing Erin’s online presence through strategic SEO initiatives, ensuring that her message reached a wide audience both nationally and internationally.

Case Study

The goal was to establish Erin as an authority in her field, both locally and globally. This began with the development of a robust and cohesive branding strategy, including website and email marketing initiatives, alongside a dedicated focus on enhancing her SEO for global visibility.

The Approach

From zero to fully booked – The strategy centered on showcasing Erin’s expertise through a holistic branding approach. This included meticulous logo design & visual identity, website creation, targeted email marketing campaigns, and a tailored SEO package. Through in-depth user research, the project honed in on Erin’s unique strengths and sought to capture her distinctiveness.

By effectively communicating Erin’s skills and positioning Healing Soul as a standout in the market, the strategy successfully attracted a steady influx of clients, ultimately resulting in a fully booked schedule.


The Logo

The Healing Soul Hypnosis logo has multiple meanings. The butterfly represents the transformation experienced by her clients who, through hypnotherapy, become free of the phobias, fears, and limited beliefs that prevented them from living a fulfilling life. The butterfly is moving up as a symbol of moving forward or getting out of the stage they were in before. They are flying to embrace the newfound joy in their lives.

The wings of the butterfly are two sides of the human head, representing the encounter between the conscious and the subconscious mind. They face each other and the subconscious reveals itself to the conscious, which brings acknowledgment to light.


Healing Soul’s impact reaches far and wide, boasting an impressive 70k organic users in 2023 from a diverse array of regions, including Canada, the US, South Africa, Pakistan, India, Australia, and beyond. This substantial growth is a testament to the unwavering dedication to consistently providing valuable content and executing strategic marketing campaigns. As a result, bookings have surged, with reservations stretching months into the future, showcasing the trust and loyalty of Healing Soul’s audience. Moreover, the strategic expansion into digital products has further accelerated Healing Soul’s ascent, solidifying its position as an industry frontrunner and paving the way for continued success.