Hopewoods is a Toronto-based psychotherapy and counselling centre founded in 2011 by Mandy Li Wen Fang. Dedicated to serving Toronto’s diverse communities, Hopewoods has become a recognized training centre for psychotherapists, counsellors, and social workers from several Ontario universities. Guided by the founder’s dogma, “Changing the world, one relationship at a time”, Hopewoods is committed to transforming lives through compassionate mental health care and meaningful connections.

Case Study

Aiming to increase their number of therapists and students, Hopewoods’ biggest challenge was to attract more clients, both regular paying customers and pro bono.

The Approach

To address Hopewoods’ challenge of attracting more clients and increasing their number of therapists and students, our team implemented a comprehensive digital strategy encompassing rebranding, a new website design, email marketing campaigns, and monthly blog content creation.

The rebranding initiative aimed to modernize Hopewoods’ visual identity, making it more appealing and relatable to its target audience while maintaining the core values and mission of the centre.

The Solution

Website: We got into the nitty-gritty of user flow and crafted the new website with intuitive navigation, guaranteeing effortless access to comprehensive information about Hopewoods’ services, team members, and educational programs.

Email Marketing: In parallel, our email marketing campaigns were designed to engage both existing and potential clients, offering valuable insights into mental health. We focused in highlighting the expertise and compassionate care provided by Hopewoods’ team of professionals.

Content Marketing: Additionally, we implemented a monthly blog content focused on relevant mental health topics, positioning the centre as a thought leader in the field and driving organic traffic to the website.


From 2021 to 2023, Hopewoods’ website experienced a remarkable organic growth rate of 400% per month, solely through SEO and Blogging efforts. Starting from just 15 page views per month in 2021, the website surged to 2,000 page views per month by 2023, culminating in a total of 35,000 page views in 2023 alone, with a projected 66,000 page views anticipated by the end of 2024.

As the team steadily expands, attracting more clients and bolstering their network of therapists and students, we’re thrilled to see the tangible impact of our efforts. It’s a testament to the collective dedication and hard work of everyone involved, and we couldn’t be happier with the results.