Marketing in the Digital Age

Content marketing is vital for online marketing success!

Successful content marketing is the creation and publication of valuable and relevant information needed and wanted by your target audiences in order to capture and retain their interest on an ongoing basis.

No company or firm keeps 100% of their customers.

You need an ongoing Internet marketing program to get new prospects with the objective of getting a consistent stream of new clients.

Content marketing should be a priority and we can help you make that happen.


  • More traffic to your website. Google loves fresh content and will reward you with greater visibility in the search engines – of course, it has to be good quality and relevant to your business.
  • Use it in social media. Post blog posts, videos, etc. on your social accounts with links back to your website, thus driving more visitors and an increased circle of followers.
  • Your website becomes a destination. A fresh website with new content (see list below) makes it of interest for your customers and prospects to visit it regularly vs. a static site (like a five-year-old brochure).
  • Gain more authority and trust. Getting content published on other relevant sites expands your credibility and readership – such as guest blogging.
  • Lower cost marketing. Content or inbound marketing is less costly than advertising.
  • Content for E-mail Newsletters. Blog posts, articles, and other content can be the main parts of a regular newsletter.


We help our clients with a range of content marketing needs including content creation and publishing. Our services include both doing it for you and/or training your team.

  • Website development and content writing – needs to be modern, mobile-friendly, and professionally written based on researched keywords.
  • Blog posts – articles and tips published on your website. “How to…” is hugely popular. Just make notes of questions that prospects or clients ask you – that will give ample fodder for blog posts, which we write for your approval.
  • E-mail – write and distribute a newsletter with tips and information. Could include excerpts of your blogs with a link back to your website.
  • Social Media – post your tips, updates, and blog posts to social media including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.
  • Video – short or long on your website, YouTube, and social media.
  • Infographics – a graphic presentation – publish on your website, social media, and use in email.
  • eBook – you could fairly easily create one utilizing the blog posts previously written. Better to start with a theme, then write the blog posts, then create the eBook and publish it as a free download on your website in PDF format. Around 3,000 words is fine for a giveaway.
  • Product reviews – e.g. new features of a product or service. Publish in your blog.
  • Case studies – this is not as long a white paper – typically around 3 to 5 pages. The main parts of a case study are: Problem, How the Problem was Resolved, and Take Aways. Case studies can be a separate section of your website which add credibility and trust.
  • Podcast – an audio recording. Publish on your website, iTunes, and other sites.

Create more leads and sales opportunities with effective content marketing.

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